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Energy Estimation

Represents the starting point for a correct evaluation of the energy performance of the site that shall be analysed case by case. Analysing the consumption history, monitoring the global performances of the site and those of the single process areas and defining eventual improvement programmes represent the fundamental steps to carry out a valid estimation to maximize the savings.
EoT Plus enjoys an agreement with the University of Pisa, therefore, any analysis of the customer’s consumption shall be carried out in cooperation with the Department of Engineering, Systems, Territory and Constructions of the University of Pisa. Hence EoT Plus is able to supply a service with high technological value and under the scientific responsibility of a team of researchers and experts from the sector.

Feasibility of the proposed actions

Downstream from the energy audit, EoT Plus proposes solutions supported by specific feasibility studies for each single project. This document describes the most sustainable solutions from a technical, economic and financial point of view. The cooperation with the University of Pisa also extends to this stage: the proposed solutions shall be sustained by strict technical and scientific considerations.

Energy Generation on site

Thanks to the modern technologies related to the production of electricity and heating from renewable sources, our company can help its customers to generate the needed energy directly on the production site where the activities are carried out, reducing their dependence on the electricity grid.

Plants for the Production of Energy from Renewable Sources

It is impossible to ignore the energy issue. EoT Plus aims to search for technical solutions using plants for the production of energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic plants (isolated or connected to the grid) or cogeneration plants, for the production of thermal energy by solar heat, heating pumps and radiant panels. The possibility to make use of “inexhaustible” sources for self-production leads to an important cost reduction of energy supply, both electricity and heat.

Led Lighting

Thanks to LED technology savings up to 50-75% can be obtained on electricity consumption and life of the lighting system can be increased (up to 50 thousand hours). Moreover, maintenance costs can be reduced drastically.

Solar Heat

The most common solar heat installation is the one that uses solar energy to heat running water and therefore it is used as DHW (domestic hot water). Thanks to solar heat the energy class of the property where this kind of system is installed, is improved and the service life of the boiler increases.


Thanks to the capacity of silicon (material contained in the photovoltaic panels) to generate electricity if exposed to solar irradiation, our photovoltaic modules allow us to create electricity to be used for domestic use and for the most common industrial uses. Thanks to the photovoltaic system the share of energy that our customers need to buy from the grid will decrease considerably and they will benefit from net metering, i.e. the valorisation in the electricity bill of the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules that will not be consumed immediately but delivered to the grid and used in other time bands. Our customers who will decide to purchase a photovoltaic system will also have the possibility to install a storage system which will allow them to store part of the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system and to use it during time bands in which the photovoltaic panel cannot produce any (e.g. the early morning and evening hours). Due to this storage energy costs will be eliminated or will in any case decrease considerably during morning, evening and night hours.

Energy Storage Systems

EoT Plus proposes the lithium storage system X-Hybrid series Sk-SU, in conformity with standard CEI 021. This is the most recent technology in the field of solar inverters, allowing to reduce its dependence on the traditional energy suppliers and to increase the consumption of self-produced energy production (minimum 80%). Moreover, through the Wi-Fi function supplied as standard on the devices, it includes remote control from a specific portal.

Modernization of the Power Plants

Through a detailed analysis of the actual state of our customer’s power plant (air-conditioning, lighting system, etc.) we are able to evaluate where and when a modernisation of the plant (revamping or refitting) can be planned, in order to increase the energy efficiency.

WE EXECUTE “TURN-KEY” Facilities for self-production of energy on site.

Realization of the Optimization Measures with model ESCO

Our company is in a position to propose to its customers to deal with the entire realisation process of all optimisation and modernisation measures, and is able to guarantee that the attended results will be obtained. Therefore, our customers will benefit immediately from the savings obtained by the realisation of these actions, without any investment.

Management of Incentives and Certifications

Thanks to the possibility to use incentives made available by the State for all energy efficient operations, our company follows its customers in all practices that are necessary to obtain the existent incentives (Energetic Efficiency Equities, Thermal Account, Net Metering Schemes, EcoBonus, Super amortisation).