About Us

EoT Plus offers services and innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency for both residential and industrial use. Cost savings for the customer by means of a consumption optimisation represents EoT Plus’ main objective to achieve a green and economically attractive energy for a sustainable future.
EoT Plus, with its strategic partners, Energy Srl and EoT Solutions, is part of a circuit of companies specialised in the research and experimentation of solutions for energy saving and the production of totally renewable energy sources. Eoplus is partner of Euroguarco and we realize plants and supplies all over the world.

EoT Plus is a company based on the idea that creating competences, experiences, and challenges for the future is a synonym of success.

Our Motto

The consciousness of how we consume is the first step to a cost reduction. We are able to offer diversified solutions for any customer.

Our proposals for

Residential use

Energy saving is also a very important issue for the final consumer. EoT Plus offers a portfolio of solutions also for small households. Also in this case the estimation has proven to be a valuable instrument for the research of actions that are efficient and adapted to the specific features of the house that is concerned. EoT Plus can also act at the design stage of the property, so that it is built following efficient and ecologically sustainable energy technologies.

Industrial use

Each company has specific needs and priorities for customised solutions. As a first step EoT Plus proposes an estimation of the real energy consumption, which allows to draft a tailor made action plan obtaining a significant reduction of the energy consumption costs and transforming it into an ecologically sustainable company. These days, being an ecologically sustainable company, also considering the grown sensibility of the customers, means being a competitive company. A correct management of the non-productive indoor plants (lighting, compressed aria, air-conditioning, heating, etc.) guarantees an important structural costs reduction.

Innovative Solutions

We offer innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency for both residential and industrial use.

Cost Savings

Save money by the application of Renewable Energy Sources and Consumption Optimization.

Research & Experimentation

of solutions for an eco-sustainable future through totally renewable energy sources.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our cost- and energi-saving solutions and energy storage products both for residential and commercial use.